Babies Communicate By Fussing and Crying: Learn Ways to Soothe your Baby

The first cry your baby makes is a proclamation of his presence. Hearing this will surely bring excitement and thrill on your part as a mother. And even though you were still exhausted in the process of bringing him into this world; you cannot help but feel the need to have your baby in your arms. No doubt you have read a dozen books and made researches to prepare yourself for the tasks. However, no amount of preparation can ascertain readiness for this kind of undertaking which is true enough for first time mothers. One particular aspect is to soothe your baby when he starts to fuss.


Bracing Yourself For The Motherhood Task

Though many have said, a mother can rely on her instinct in handling her child. Yet, as the days passed, and the fussing and crying becomes intolerable, frustration sinks in. You will start to question your capabilities of handling the situation. What are the dos and don’ts you have to master to attend to a child’s needs?

Once a baby starts to fuss and cry, it is essential to immediately figure out the reason. Is the baby just wet and is feeling discomfort? Or maybe the baby is just hungry. You will have to be observant in such cases since every child has a unique way of handling and showing his emotions and there are no clear-cut solutions available for you. But here are some helpful tips you can explore to sooth your baby-fusser better:

The Comforting Warmth

A newborn child misses the warmth of a mother’s womb. Therefore, you need to recreate this environment for him by using these techniques:

  • Skin to Skin Cuddle Up Move. A baby loves the feel of another warm body. The best way is to undress yourself, curl yourself in bed with the baby snuggled close to you. Then, cover yourselves with a soft warm blanket. This will do the trick to soothe your baby and settle his need for warmth.
  • Wrap Him Up. Place the child with arms across his chest on top of a light and thin blanket and wrap him firmly but not so tightly.
  • Sling Him Around. A sling has been used by mothers for ages. It has a comforting feeling close to being snuggled but allows the mother to use her arms in doing other activities. It also reduces arm fatigue and is the best position for you during breastfeeding.

Get That Move Into The Grove

A baby while in the womb feels the movement of the mother as she exercises and does household. Even in sleep, would-be mother changes her position affecting the baby too. So the baby finds being left without any movement seem an unfamiliar condition which he will likely complain. To replicate his condition inside the womb, here are additional tips you can explore to soothe your baby:

  • Rock Baby Rock. In this soothing practice, you might find a rocking chair as the best equipment to give you and your baby the rocking comfort. However, if you don’t have one, you can improvise by standing with your feet apart and emulating slow dancing with a sway from side to side and while holding your baby close.
  • Come Swing It, Baby. The rhythm of a swing is another method of soothing your baby out. There are cribs with a swing mechanism you can easily purchase.
  • Shake, Shake, And Shake. Another effective method is by placing his crib near a vibrating machine like your spinner and dryer. It is highly unusual but there are babies that get comfort like that.
  • A Ride Around The Block. This may sound so early but some babies find it comfortable to be inside a moving car. This may be attributed to that humming sound of the engine and the soothing effect of the cool breeze.
  • Introduce More Sounds. There are babies who prefer more sounds so introduce him to some soothing music and observe if he likes it. Recordings of the falling rain, splashing sound of the waves might also do the trick. If it is not effective, try those with the beat. For all you know you are now rearing a future dancer in the making.

How to soothe a crying baby wrong and right


Each day you spend with your baby is a learning process. Take note of the things and conditions that give him comfort:

  • Power Up The Fan. While abundant ventilation and the refreshing air is a must for baby’s room, check out what he favors. Maybe it is not just the air he needs rather, he just love the soothing sound your electric fan is making.
  • Communicate With Your Baby. You have even talked with you child while he was in your womb, now that he is here with you, start the process again. A mother’s comforting whisper can make miracles to relieve him of his discomfort and pain.
  • Daddy’s Prowess. You are not alone in the responsibility of caring for your baby. Give your partner a chance to show off his expertise. He can take his turn allowing you to rest for a while.

Give your partner a chance to show off his expertise

Let’s Get Serious to Soothe Your Baby

It may not be discomfort that your baby is fussing. He may be in pain, so, try checking out the following

  • Body Temperature. A fever might be starting, get his temperature. If it is higher than the normal range; refer to a doctor.
  • Gas Pain. Most babies give off gas after being fed. If he is not in the right position to expel the gas, then you are in for another sleepless night.
    To prevent gas pains always burp your baby after each feeding. If it persists, place him across your lap while gently rubbing his back. Another way is to exercise his legs in a pedal motion. If all else fails, refer this to your doctor, he might give your baby some gas drops.
  • What If It Is Colic? Colic is common to infants that manifest abdominal pain. Since there are no known remedies, a mother will have to understand that in this case the baby will cry for three hours or more in a day, for three days a week and extends for six weeks. But this will resolve itself on his third month.
  • Don’t Pass It On. If you are a nursing mother, you should take precaution over your diet as this could affect your baby. Caffeine, dairy, onions and those that can cause irritation must be avoided.
  • Can Pacifiers Pacify? Your baby may be among the group who has a high sucking need, so a binky can help. No need to worry, an authority in pediatrics has vouched for its use.

A fever might be starting, get his temperature. If it is higher than the normal range; refer to a doctor.

When All Else Fails? Now What?

All is not lost! There are still a number of tricks you can try to jolly your baby out of his cranky mood. Try these other alternative moves

  • Turn your television off and include the lights. Maybe your child prefers the dark and some lesser stimulants.
  • Monitor your room temperature for your child’s preferences.
  • Bring your child outside the house for a change.
  • Check what he’s wearing, you for all you know it’s just the clothes that have caused the discomfort.
  • Lastly, do soothing strokes; remember a mother’s touch can always do wonders to her child.

I’m Elizabeth J. Johnson, a 30-year-old from sunny California. I have married to a wonderful man & have 2 little girls. They are the cutest lover, the sweetest hugger & the best inspiration.

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