Use Hemp Milk to Free Your Baby From Allergic Reactions To Animal Milk!

For those of you who are looking for a perfect alternative to cow’s milk, due to allergic reactions your baby is experiencing, hemp milk is the best solution. Hemp Milk For Babies is very nourishing and extremely tasty. While this milk contains wholesome ingredients, it is basically free from the bad stuff other milk has. This has made it the best choice for many individuals.

Hemp milk can be purchased in various flavors. While the unflavored one is already tasteful, it can stand alone until your baby reaches a year old. At that time, he might opt for other flavors.


Though you may find the name “hemp milk” a bit alarming, the organic hemp milk is a perfectly legal milk alternative. It has just started its sale in the U.S. market for a couple of years now. Other markets are following and are opening more doors for other consumers worldwide. Online purchase of hemp milk is likewise easier, yet, you just have to be careful of its purity since you do not have a way of checking the list of ingredients inside the product. Unlike in actual stores where you can meticulously go through each part of the packaging label, on the internet you can only see pictures.

What Really Is Hemp Milk?

Hemp milk is all-natural milk which comes from hemp seeds as what it is named for. This is derived through a process of soaking the seeds and then pulverizing this in water through a blender thus producing a nutty and creamy milk solution similar to almond milk. It has a thicker consistency though as compared with skim milk and other alternative milk which could make those who drink it feel fuller in the stomach. However, to reduce the consistency, it only takes a minor adjustment in the amount of water you use during blending.


Is Hemp Milk Safe For Baby’s Use?

Many mothers have worries over the use of hemp milk. They thought that hemp seeds are the same seeds used for the cultivation and production of marijuana. However, there is no reason for concerns since hemp milk is free from marijuana’s active ingredient known as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). It is the substance which causes marijuana users to go into psychoactive conditions. Meaning since this ingredient is out of the picture; your baby will not get affected if he takes hemp milk.

​Ideally, hemp milk can substitute cow’s milk once the baby reaches 7 months old. In addition, you can expect far greater nutritional benefits from hemp milk over other formula and even over cow’s milk.

​Now that definitely calms your concerns.

What Is Hemp Milk Nutrition Value For Baby?

Hemp milk has many nutritional values. On top of the four essential vitamins vital for baby’s growth which are Vitamins A, E. D and B12, it contains:

  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • and Magnesium.

Add to that

  • Omega-6 Fatty Acid (2800 mg)
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid (900 mg)
  • digestible protein (4 grams)
  • ten Essential Amino Acids
  • RDA of Calcium (46%)
  • Folic acid and a lot more

With no trace of cholesterol, soy, sugar and gluten you will find that this is healthier and a better diet for your infant. Well, that is a relief from some earlier apprehensions of many mothers out there.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Drinking Hemp Milk For Babies

Essential Amino Acids. Amino acids are considered as the building block of our cells, tissues and muscles. It carries a vital role for our body organs to function more effectively.

Amino acids together with digestive protein which is also found in hemp milk regularize stool movement of babies. Moreover, it will help in the healthy growth of your baby since it can strengthen the body and equally enhance the immune system. In addition is the strengthening of the heart and the boosting of your baby’s mental capabilities while giving your child healthy hair, skin and nails.


Hemp milk could boost your baby’s mental capabilities

Are you aware that Zinc is recommended to babies for its immunity-boosting property? Hemp milk possesses this at 4% of an adult’s RDA or recommended Dietary Allowance. For babies and toddlers, it requires 10% RDA, so a glass of Hemp Milk can already supply your child with 40% of what he needs. You only need to look for the 60% in other food supplements to complete his requirement. That is how rich Hemp Milk is in nutrients.

Hemp Milk Over Cow’s Milk And Other Milk Products

The only set back in using hemp milk is the fact that it is not readily available in many countries compared with cow’s milk. However, since there is an increase in awareness of its use in addition to its many health benefits; some countries are now importing hemp seeds. Hemp milk producers, on the other hand, are now relying upon Canada or Europe for their seed supply since it is not yet legal to grow hemp plant in the United States.

Online purchase of hemp seed is another option. But you need to prepare the milk on you own if you want to ensure that there are no other ingredients mixed into the formula that you do not want.

In Nutritional Benefits

  • All milk products have basically the same amount of Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin D
  • Comparing Hemp milk with Flax milk, both have Omega-3 fatty acids however, hemp milk has the right proportion of the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • In comparison sunflower milk and hemp milk both have Folic Acid

Here below is a list of tabulated comparison of hemp milk with other products

hemp milk for babies 1

To Prepare Hemp Milk From Seeds

Soak the seeds in water to remove the shell. Then place this shelled seeds inside the blender. Add more water to adjust the consistency comparable to skim milk. If you desire for a heavier consistency reduce the amount of water. This will give you the same creaminess like that of a standard whole milk.

Adjust the blender setting to high and blend the seeds with the water for about 2-3 minutes. Continue blending if you desire a creamier consistency.

Sweeten the milk using raw honey, organic agave or organic vanilla. Blend the mixture again with the sweetener. Filter the mixture using cheesecloth to take out any large seed particles and to smoothen this.

Preparing your own hemp milk will assure you of its purity.

Ingredients Required

  • 1 cup of shelled hemp seeds
  • 5 to 6 cups of water (purified)
  • Organic Sweeteners such as raw honey, agave or pure vanilla extract

This recipe can produce around 6 to 7 servings and if refrigerated in a sealed container will last for 3 days. Shake the mixture well before every use.


Preparing your own hemp milk will assure you of its purity

Additional information about the Organic Hemp Milk

As earlier discussed, you can now buy this milk in various flavors such as vanilla and chocolate on top of the unflavored one. These are readily available in boxes where they are packed and do not require refrigeration. However, once it is opened from its original package, refrigeration is essential.

There are at present many stores that are selling hemp milk using different brands. Evaluate the content if additional additives and ingredients that are present. Choose according to your preferences.


Milkadamia Unsweetened is a great choice! (via

Take note that plain hemp milk is organic and does not contain sugar in addition to being free of cholesterol, soy and gluten.

More Considerations

You have seen how beneficial hemp milk is from our earlier discussion. Nonetheless, you need to be mindful of the hemp milk when buying this for your baby. There are some brands which you can check from their label that contains some sugar additives which is not recommended for baby at his age. The best is to consider the organic and the unsweetened hemp milk for infants.

Continue Breastfeeding

Mothers who are breastfeeding his little one need not stop if she wants to feed him with Hemp Milk. The best way is to gradually introduce hemp milk alternately with breast milk. This will help the baby in adjusting to the new flavor and he will not experience an upset stomach in doing so. Also, hemp milk in high consistency is a good choice to prepare him from heavier and fuller food like solids. It can also be used as supplemental milk for toddlers growing years. Likewise, hemp milk need not replace wholesome foods in baby’s diet. Rather it can act as an additional supplement to support him for healthier growth.


After learning more about hemp milk you will realize that this is the best alternative so far for cow’s milk or another formula. This is particularly true for those who suffer from intolerance to lactose like some babies. It is likewise a good substitute to dairy milk if you are a vegetarian. Though the taste may differ from the common milk, adjusting to that is quite easy particularly if it is done in a gradual manner. For all you know this might be your preference in the future, something that you would love having at breakfast time.


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