Pregnancy Tips: How To Get Pregnant With Twins

Having a baby is a blessing on its own, but get pregnant with twins is like having a double dose of happiness at once. Giving birth and raising even a single baby can be tough, let alone, having twins. But like anything, there are many pros to have twins. For instance, you go through one pregnancy and one childbirth experience and get two! Having said that, having twins is not just natural anymore. There are plenty of ways to plan it and make it happen.


In this article, we are going to discuss different ways of conceiving twins whether it’s natural or through a fertility treatment. But any of these methods are not one hundred percent infallible.

Types Of Twins

There are two kinds of twins

  • Twins who are identical
  • Twins who are non identical

When one sperm fertilizes one egg and then the egg is segregated into two embryos, then an identical twin is born. However, when two sperms fertilize two eggs, then a non identical twin is born. The non-fraternal twins or identical twins carries similar genetic makeup or composition, hence it always results in same gender. On the other hand, the fraternal or non identical twins carry only half of the similar genetic composition; therefore, it may or may not result into different- gender babies

Some Factors To Look At

Identical twins occur by accident only. However, there is a possibility of planning fraternal twins. There are certain aspects that increments the chance of having a non identical twin.

Following are some of the factors that play their part in having a fraternal twin

  • Congenital Traits/Family
  • Origin/Ethnicity
  • Body Type
  • Maternal Age
  • Frequent Pregnancies

1 - Congenital Traits/Family

The first facet that increases your chance to have a fraternal twin is your heredity. If twins run in your family, then your chance of having a twin is more than a person who doesn’t have this in his/her family.


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Other than running the twin thing in your family, gender also plays an important role. For instance, if you’re a man, and you are a twin or having twins runs in your family, then it would probably have less or fewer chances for you to have fraternal twin. However, if you are a woman and you are a twin or having twin runs in your family, then possibility for you to have a twin is more.

2 - Origin/Ethnicity

Other than family heredity, your origin also plays a very important role in determining whether you will have a twin or not.

As per statistics, the probability of having a twin is more for people who are of African origin. After that comes Europeans. If you’re Asian or Hispanic, there are fewer chances for you to give birth to a fraternal twin.

3 - Body Type

As we go further, there is another interesting factor that plays a vital role in determining whether or not you can have a fraternal twin or not. This factor is regarding your body type, what type of height or weight you posses. This is strictly for women who are trying to have fraternal twin.

As per this, women who have tall heights have more probability to give birth to a fraternal twin than women with shorter heights. Same goes for the weight, women with heavier weights have more probability to give birth to a fraternal twin than women who are thinner.

Similarly, diet also plays a very important role. Women who take a well balanced diet are more likely to produce a twin. On the other hand, women who doesn’t take care of their diet routines and prefer low fat diet are less likely to have a fraternal twin.

According to a research study, fraternal twin birth is directly related to obesity. The more obese a woman is, the more likely you are to give birth to a fraternal twin.

4 - Maternal Age

Having a fraternal twin is also related with a hormone that a woman produce named as Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). This particular hormone is produced more in women in their advanced age. For instance, women who are 35 plus are going to produce more FSH hormones than women who are in their teens or in 20s. During ovulation, this hormone dispenses more eggs, hence increasing the likelihood of a fraternal twin birth.


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5 - Frequent Pregnancies

Another interesting factor that sums up the chance of having a non identical twin is frequent pregnancies. Probability of having a non identical twin increases with frequent pregnancies

How To Get Impregnated With Twins?

1 - Natural way

Natural way is the best way to increase the chance of having a fraternal twin. Before getting into supplements or treatments, it’s preferable to try out below mentioned natural ways to increase the probability of having a non identical twin.

D​airy products

​There is no doubt that dairy products have its significance in overall health. When it comes to increasing the chance of non-fraternal twin births, it also steps in as a boss. As per a research by Dr. Steinman that frequent pregnancies is directly related with consuming dairy products. For instance, there is a five percent more chance among women who consume more dairy products than women who don’t. The reason is that dairy products contain growth hormones that facilitate the process of frequent pregnancies among women.

​Wild Yams

​Hyper stimulation of ovaries can also result in production of more eggs during ovulation process. This is the reason behind why African women tend to have more twin births than any other ethnic women. Since African women consume wild yams as part of their daily food consumption.


​Stop birth control tablets

​Stopping birth control tablets at the right time and utilizing that time in a right way is another effective way to increase the chance of non identical twins. Let’s see how it works, when you put an end to consuming these birth control pills, your body gets a higher influx of hormones than usual, trying out birth of a twin during this time can increase the chance of having a non identical twin.

​During breastfeed time

​Conceiving twins is easier when you are breastfeeding your baby. The reason is that, during this time, your body releases higher amount of prolactin that ignites the process.

Foods rich in zinc

​Getting pregnant with twins is not entirely up to women, your partner can also help by eating food that are rich in zinc. For instance, green vegetables, seeds etc as it causes stimulation of sperm production.

2 - ​Sex Positions

​Moving on to the part that would also help in getting you pregnant with twins are sex positions. Some of them are as follows:


​Side by side

​Side by side position help, as during this sex position cervix is more accessible for the sperms to be penetrated. This is a position where the female partner positioned on her knees and the male partner enters from behind.

Standing up position

This position helps in profound penetration hence increasing the chance of producing twins.

Missionary position

Another best way of having sex in order to produce twins is to have man on top.

3 - Treatments for fertility

When natural ways or sex positions don’t work, you can always opt for getting a fertility treatment. Please consult your doctor before opting for any treatment.



This is a treatment where the women gets embryo placed in her uterus. This procedure can increase the probability of having a twin to up to 40%. Not only this procedure is effective to produce non identical twins, but it also enhances the chance to produce identical twins.


IUI is the procedure where through injections sperms are dispensed inside the uterus. This alone cannot assure the chances of twin production but taking supplements during the process may help to a greater extent.

4 - Supplements for fertility

Supplements are a good pick to increment the chance of fertility with twins. Let’s take a look at some supplements.


#1 Best Seller Nature Made Folic Acid (via

Folic Acid

Folic acid consumption can trigger the chance of birthing twins is a bit controversial. As per some researches, it is likely to produce twins if folic acid is consumed, however, contradictory researches also exist that says otherwise. Nonetheless, folic acid supplements have no harm so taking it would let you give birth to a healthy child whether or not it’s a twin.


If you want to improve the health of your eggs, it is recommended to take gonadotropin as it helps the eggs to mature. It is also involved in hyper stimulation of eggs hence releasing more eggs at a time.


To make the uterus lining more strong, progesterone is a good option. This helps the eggs to attach to the wall of uterus and aid in pregnancy with twins.

5 - Drugs for fertility

Careful medical examination should be done before opting for drugs to aid in fertilization of twin babies. Some of drugs for fertility are as follows:


A widely famous pill for fertility for producing fraternal twins is clomid. Like any drug, this should also be taken only after the prescription of a doctor to avoid any complications.Men can also take this drug. This assists in balancing hormones that can enhance quality and quantity of sperms along with their motility.



Parlodel is the drug you should be using in tiny doses but for approximately five days a week. It stimulates different hormones that aids in producing fraternal twins. It dispenses multiple eggs hence increasing the probability of conceiving with fraternal twins.


This is the drug you take once you have the treatment as it causes stimulation in the part of brain that releases a hormone that helps in ovulation. It also enhances the chance of frequent pregnancies.


This drug helps in ovulation process.

6 - Herbs for fertility

Since the ancient times, men are using herbs to treat various diseases. Be it a sickness or in this case, fertility. There are countless herbs out there that can assist the natural process of fertilization and both men and women can take those herbs, depending upon the benefits it comes with. Lets discuss some of those herbs as below which will particularly aid in increasing your chances to have twin babies.


Primrose oil

From ancient times, primrose oil has been a good source of nourishing your cervical mucus during ovulation phase. These days as well, women are using evening primrose oil to extract its benefits. Using this oil will assist the sperm to survive inside ovary for a longer period of time.

Best time to take this oil is when your menstruation is at peak until ovulation.


For the regulation of your menstrual cycle, take licorine. Licorine assists in keeping the estrogen as well as testosterone levels in balance. Once your hormones are well balanced, conception of fraternal twins will automatically become easier. This herb is a bit sweet in taste.

Flaxseed oil

Flaxseed oil is beat for women if they want to increase their fertility level. Like licorine, it balances your estrogen levels and keep your menstrual cycle in check. It also assists in keeping some other hormones in check and well balanced to ensure smooth conception of twin babies.

Sweet cassava

Talk about ancient herbs, one of the kinds is sweet cassava. It help promotes hyper ovulation. Other than that it also helps in regulating and balancing other hormones to assist in the fertilization process.

Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a traditional and ancient herb that is sued to assist with menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome. Any women with weak pelvic floors, this herb is for you as it strengthens the muscles and aids in the rate of fertility. Once you have that rate high, conceiving twin would become easier.


There can be hundred different reasons why you are unable to conceive a twin baby. One of the reason can be PCOS or known as polycystic ovary syndrome. If a woman is suffering from PCOS, suing Vitex herb can be very beneficial. It assists in avoiding reduction of ovaries in women. This entire means, improved reproductive system hence better chances of conceiving fraternal twins.

Maca root

Maca root is very effective in increasing the overall health of fertility whether it is men or women.

As mentioned in multiple places of this article, these are few ways among many ways to increase your chances of conceiving a twin. Good luck in making twins with one of the above mentioned methods.


I’m Elizabeth J. Johnson, a 30-year-old from sunny California. I have married to a wonderful man & have 2 little girls. They are the cutest lover, the sweetest hugger & the best inspiration.

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