How To Freeze Baby Food? A Step By Step Guide

Freezing food is a good technique to preserve food for future needs, and freezing baby food is like a blessing for working parents or parents who are busy in general.

There are many ways to freeze baby food but before we get into specific methods, let’s discuss some basics. In order to freeze your food, you always need to cool down the food you just cooked. This is good to avoid any bacterial growth in the food. Make sure that you are not leaving the food on your counter to cool down for more than a couple of hours.



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The best way of cooling down your baby food quickly is to put the box containing hot food in a container of chilled water. This will ignite the process of cooling down and your food will be cold enough to start the freezing process.

Now that we have got out hot food cold enough, we can now discuss some methods to freeze baby food. There’s no big rocket science on how to freeze the food, it’s simple, all you need to do is to put the container in freezer for few hours and bam, you’re done. However, depending upon on how you freeze basically concentrate on how to maximize your freezer space and how to keep the food healthy even though it’s frozen.


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Using Baby Food Trays

The first way to freeze baby food is to get the baby food trays from the market and simply put your baby food in that. This will help you in knowing the portion size, plus these trays are specially designed for babies so no health concerns attached to it.

If is for some reason that you are unable to find these baby friendly food trays from the market, then don’t worry as we have got you covered and there are plenty of alternatives that you can go for that would still freeze the food and keep it healthy for your baby to consume.

Using Ice Cube Tray

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for alternatives to baby food trays. Well, you are in the right section, as this section is going to discuss the best practice of freezing food for your baby without spending any extra bucks.


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Your freezer has this already, which is the ice cube tray. Using this, will help you store and freeze baby food in small portions. Simple put some food in each cube section and make sure that before putting it for freezing, you cover the tray with some lid or if you don’t have a lid that covers the whole tray properly, then you can just wrap the tray with the plastic wraps to secure the food from any adulterations of odor or other food spills.

Once you have the food frozen, you might want to maximize the space or might want to use the ice tray for actual ice cubes. In order to achieve that, simply take out the tray from your freezer and pop the food cubes out. Make sure to store the food cubes in correct portions in separate plastic bags so that upon de freezing the food cubes, you will not shake the freezing temperature of the whole tray at once. This will secure the food from spoiling.

If you are worried, that plastic ice cube trays might not be good for your baby’s health, then you can actually switch to the ice cube trays made of stainless steel.


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Using Silicone Muffin Pan

If you love baking, I’m sure you would have a silicone muffin pan in your kitchen. Using this pan is a good alternative to using ice cube trays as this pan has more flexibility, which means it will be easier for you to take out the food cubes you froze in order to convert them into small bags for easy consumption and better usability of your freezer storage space.

Using Baking Sheet

Using baking sheet is a good idea if you’re not satisfied with the food portions you are getting as a result of above two methods. Because it’s one wide sheet where you can put the food in whatever way you like.

Though it comes with a catch. This method is not going to work if you have a runny kind of a fluid food to store. The reason is that a baking sheet does not have separate compartments or deep compartments to have the fluid intact. This method can be useful if you are storing a bit steady mixture.


This method will also take up more space in your freezer as baking sheets are usually long and require much space to be stored. However, once it is stored and frozen, you can always convert the frozen food in the zipped bags to maximize the storage space.

Using Jars

Using jars is a good practice only if you have the jars that are freezing friendly and can withstand the freezing temperature. Do not use a glass jar or any other jar for that matter unless you are sure that it is freezing friendly.


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