6 Good Character Traits That Will Help Your Kids Grow Up To Be Successful

When it comes to success capable educators and enrollment is great schools can aid a student. However, to truly be successful researchers have found that certain character traits for kids aids students even more.


Parents have long pondered what drives a student to excel academically? When parents are polled they often offer a variety of great responses including possessing a great intellect, fabulous school, a well-planned curriculum, capable instructors and setting the bar high for a child.

All of the above are great answers and can aid a child in doing well in school. However, to truly excel the real power lies deep with the child themselves. More scientific evidence points to the characteristics children possess and carry with them into the classroom benefits them much more than the classroom itself.

Children with the capacity and mindset to succeed will thrive even in a less than ideal school. Those who lack these mental aspects will find their education falters as they aren’t as receptive to the opportunities presented to them.


Researchers have studies to back up the boost in exam results that occurs, sometimes by rates up to 10 percent, when students have positive reinforcement in relation to their self-image and education. This has prompted institutions to begin offering initiatives to assist students in cultivating these important personal traits.

Wellington College in Berkshire hosted a “positive education” symposium where attendees arrived from all over the US and as far away as Singapore and Australia to brainstorm how educators can cultivate these personal values.

One key group is often overlooked in the curriculum development process-parents. Parents often fail to acknowledge that a proper education involves more than snagging a spot in an area top tier school. Both institutions and instructors mold youth into successful pupils only if their parents have established the proper groundwork at home that encourages free thinking that is receptive and responds to the demands of a learning environment.

These desirable characteristics include tenacity, fortitude, hope and bravery in pursuit of great grades. However, there are six highly touted personal characteristics that will aid any student in being successful. They include:

1. Love of life


A student that observes and appreciates the life and world around them will excel personally and academically. Though the concept may seem abstract it really has a grounded and real effect on success at school. Students that have this trait are opening to the teacher’s instruction and more likely to reap the benefits of a great curriculum.

Being able to appreciate life and the world around them can translate to an overall appreciation of the education process. These students can learn and immerse themselves in the classroom, getting the most out of each lesson. They will interact with their classmates, building their confidence and encourages them to do better at school.

2. Adaptability


Adaptability is a key trait for successful academic learning. Martin Seligman, a psychology professor, has research illustrating that children with this characteristic function best as they are more fluid intellectually, more creative, and upbeat.

Students that adapt continue to try and don’t give up. They realize that it may take multiple attempts to learn something and they get back up and try once more. They regroup and try a different approach. They don’t think all is lost if they suffer an academic setback. They create a better way to address the situation and overcome it.

3. Self Control


A student’s self-control over their urges can better prepare them for life and greater well-being, income, and happiness later in life. Self-control is a key to this process.

Great students have to be able to take in the lesson, listen and process it. They have to be able to police themselves and prod themselves along. A successful student has great time management skills and sharp mental focus. Children who impulsively blurt out an answer in a misguided attempt to be first will not thrive in the classroom.

On the other hand, a child that is overly serious will not do well in the classroom either. A great learner needs a healthy balance. Kids need a great degree of self-control to work will with others as well as their educators.

4. Truthfulness


Truthfulness is an important academic trait. It fosters growth in the classroom. Great students can admit when they don’t know something and need help. They are also willing to ask for it. This should start early for best results.

During a lesson, the young child who raises their hand to ask for clarification during a lesson instead of just plodding along in blissful ignorance will function well further down the educational road. The willingness to ask for help and admit when they lack knowledge allows them to grow as a student. It also helps them build great relationships with their teachers. Their confidence increases as their knowledge grows.

5. Bravery


Great students possess a high degree of bravery. Learning new things requires a certain degree of courage to dive into the unknown. The subject matter is new and requires them to dive in and acclimate themselves. It can be a bit unnerving to undertake new things that they don’t know how to do. However, the willingness to try is a key trait for successful learning.

6. Niceness


Great students are also kind and have patience for themselves and others. They acknowledge that lessons may be hard and they persevere. This kindness will allow them to work well with other students. They will thrive with other students and in the classroom. This also allows for critical thinking, a trait that will benefit them in higher learning.


Many parents want the best for their children. To succeed requires a great teacher and having all of these characteristic traits for kids to excel. Parents would do well to recognize and cultivate these key traits in their children in order to foster the best education and learning framework. These traits are important not only for school but life as well.


I’m Elizabeth J. Johnson, a 30-year-old from sunny California. I have married to a wonderful man & have 2 little girls. They are the cutest lover, the sweetest hugger & the best inspiration.

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