Buying Guide For The Best Baby Push Walker 2017 – Top 5 With Expert Reviews

It’s no mystery that babies don’t remain small infants for long. One moment you are cradling them and bonding and the next moment you are chasing them around the house as they clamor to explore their surroundings. Once this curiosity in the outside world as been awakened it is important to foster their development through the use of proper toys that are designed to teach as well as entertain.

​Once a baby starts tottering around the house, this is even more imperative. To strengthen your child’s gait and increase their mobility, you may want to look for the best baby push walker. Check out our buying guide as a great starting pint. Let’s consider all the amazing advantages that a good push walker can offer.


Benefits of a Baby Push Walker

A baby push walker can prove quite advantageous, offering these benefits:

#1 - Enhanced Motor Skills

This is the start of your child’s recognition of motion. Now is the time that you may want to introduce your child to a push walker toy. It assists them with motor skill development as well as coordination of their limbs. Their walking ability improves with the speed by which their comprehension of the devices improves.

#2 - Fostering Ingenuity

Encouraging our babies’ curiosity and imaginations is our greatest desire. The best way to foster these traits is through the use of these products. They are great for starting abilities balancing on either leg, standing and confidence.

#3 - Increasing Knowledge

Contemporary baby walkers are designed with on-board accessories that stimulate your child’s mind and encourage them to learn new skills. They get the ball rolling and help spark your child’s intellect.

best baby push walker with 2 modes of play

Baby push walker with two modes of play: Learning & Music
(src amazon)

Now, we’ve covered some of the principal advantages of using a walker with your baby. Let’s turn to the attributes that a great walker has.

Attributes of the Best Baby Push Walker

Certain attributes of great caliber push walkers set them apart from the usual walkers in the market. They include:

#1 - Stability

A great push walker needs to have stability. It is an essential trail to have. You don’t want your child to going through their beginning novice walking stages and suffer a setback. The walker needs to be level. Its base needs to be stable and substantial. This means that the product will remain close enough to the ground to avoid any tipping as your baby walks.

#2 - Substantial Base

When picking a walker, review the various bases offered. Think about the walker’s base. It should be one that has a larger width. This will be of benefit as it lends stability to the product. Those walkers with narrow bases can have difficulty supporting the weight of your child, leading to falls and trips. These all are dangerous for your child. Err on the side of caution.

#3 - Wheel Structure

It is important to carefully consider the walker’s wheel structure. You want to purchase an item with enough grip on its wheels as this additional traction will help your child have better footing. Also, look for a model with adjustable wheels. These can then be manipulated according to the needs of your child as they get older and also according to their walking ability.

#4 - Product Height


Children will need a walker with enough strength to support their weight (via

Another important feature is the height of the walker. This can’t be stressed enough. A product with greater height is of more benefit to a novice walker. As your young child strengthens their legs and pulls themselves up they will need a walker with enough strength to support their weight. An item with a higher base is better than one with a much smaller base due to the added strength that it provides.

#5 - Natural Materials

Choose an item composed of natural materials like wood fibers. Plastic is another useful material that warrants consideration as it doesn’t harm users. Many manufacturers utilize this material in their products as it is generally safe and doesn’t add bulk. Natural products are best as children can’t ingest them should they bite into them.

Keeping the attributes that make up a great walker in mind when purchasing as well as knowing what other qualities to be mindful of, can help guide you to the best one.

Points to Keep in Mind when Purchasing a Push Walker

Buying a push walker is a big decision. Before you buy you will want a model that is perfectly suited to your child. There are various brands and styles that you can pick from. Some points to keep in mind are:

#1 - Versatility

A walker that can convert into other baby items is highly desirable. Other items that a baby can utilize are a jumper, bouncer, activity center or even a rocker keeps the child occupied and happy. Play time will be productive.

#2 - Expense

A major consideration and deciding factor in purchases is price. Many parents have to factor price of theses items into their budgets, weighting their cost with the perceived benefits they offer to decide whether or not the purchase is worth it. Establishing a budget is prudent and financially responsible before you choose a walker. If you want an item that offers more features such as lights, sound effects, etc., you may want to be prepared to shell out more for it. If you are on a limited budget you can try a no frills model. They may lack the features of higher end models but will cost you less at the onset.

#3 - Comfort

Comfort is an essential trait that your walker should have. Your child can spend considerable time using this item. Opt for models that offer ease of adjustment and other considerate features such as snack holders as you child may want to enjoy a nibble while on the go.

#4 - Warranty

You want to select a product that is built to last. You also want the security of a warranty should any difficulties occur after purchase. This would allow you recourse so you could obtain reimbursement or replacement should the device be defective or break. Carefully review any included warranty for details of the walker that you would like to buy. This way you know your options and can choose accordingly.

#5 - Child Safeguards

This is another important area that can’t be overlooked. Always carefully review the safety features included with the push walker. Is it constructed with a substantial base to stop the item from tipping over when you child uses it? Did they include slip resistant pads? Are the speeds adjustable? Can you make changes to the wheels? These are all important characteristics to keep in mind when choosing a the best walker for your baby.

#6 - Entertainment Factors

Your child will want to be entertained while using toys and walkers. Items that don’t spark their interest will soon fall by the wayside. A good product is designed with an emphasis on entertainment. You will want to opt for a walker that incorporates features like mobiles that play music or toys with eye catching colors. These will capture your baby’s interest.

When picking an item to buy your objective is to make sure it contains as many of these factors that your budget will support.

Before reviewing the top five baby walkers offered today, let’s discuss some contested ideas about the merits of these items.


A push walker with eye catching colors will capture your baby’s interest. (via

Does a Baby Push Walker Payoff?

Some people take the stance that these items will not assist children with their development or walking skills and therefore they are not worth the expense. However, the fact remains:

There is evidence to support the merits that these products work. Children have a natural inclination to push objects. Some of the top selling items are doll strollers, miniature grocery shopping carts, toy lawn mowers and toy vacuum cleaners for this same reason. A baby walker will provide more than entertainment to you child.

  • These items stimulate gross motor skills. They add stability for children who are not yet fully walking or able to stand yet. Pushing the item allows them to gain confidence, builds up their equilibrium and power. These are all traits that combine to form a superstar walker.
  • Dares your child to dream. Walker play mimics the real life movements that an individual would use in real life. These interactions allows your child to use fantasy to build real life abilities. In addition, these walkers increase your child’s confidence and self awareness. These traits grow the more the child interacts with them as you go about your day.
  • These items are dual purpose - The best baby push walkers come with other toys included. For instance, some products have sorters to group shapes, activity centers, or even building blocks. These have endurance and longevity as they are sturdy and draw children’s interest.

Overall, these products are worth purchasing for your little bundle of joy.

Best Baby Push Walkers Reviews Table - Top 5 Picks

First up in the list of the best push toys for babies learning to walk is the Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker. This product will grow with your child as their mobility improves. It is perfect for neophyte walkers and more advanced ones as well. It adapts with your child using the latest technology. Your baby will feel encouraged each time they get behind the walker. Walking will be a fun experience instead of a boring walking exercise. Start with the activity section that can be detached to allow for a play surface or on the fly fun. This device is easy to use and your child will take right to it.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker - #1 Best Seller Baby Push Walker

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker - #1 Best Seller Baby Push Walker (src amazon)

Included piano keys number five. There are 3 on board buttons that emit light. Your baby is sure to enjoy the 3 vibrant rollers, 3 shape sorters, a pretend phone handset and gears can spin endlessly. This will provide hours and hours of fun. Your child will hone their motor skills and imagination. They will grow and develop as they learn about animals, different sounds and forms.

​This walker comes from a lineup of development toys that grow with your child. Add panels to the walker so that the device continues to be useful to your child, allowing them to still develop and thrive.

Babies learn two models:

  • Learning Mode: press the three shape buttons or add the shape sorters to learn shapes. Your baby will enjoy spinning the three flowers to hear sound effects, fun phrases, and a melody. They can also press the piano keys to learn numbers, colors, and animal sounds.
  • Music Mode: press the three shape buttons or add the shape sorters to hear fun sound effects and upbeat melodies. Your baby can also press the piano keys to play piano notes. When a melody is playing, pressing the piano keys will activate fun animal sounds on top of the melody.

With dual play modes on the product, children will learn to differentiate between sounds and play at the same time. It will engage your baby as they develop.

The Feature We Like

  • The walker can adapt so that children advance from crawling to walking
  • The vibrantly colored rollers, illuminated buttons, and sorters build coordination skills
  • The activity center can be easily added or broken down so that the baby can play on its surface or enjoy the various features
  • Dual Mode: Learning & Play Music
  • Rubber sealed wheels allow for an easy maneuvering on even surfaces
  • Includes 2-speed settings on the wheel

Thing We Didn't Like

  • Some may not like the sound effects
  • Music play continuously

Prepare yourselves for a great time! This walker is one of the most popular available today from Hape toys. This will aid your baby in learning and development. The wheels are designed to provide a steady base that supports your baby as they balance themselves on it. It is easy to push and helps young ones take their first steps. The bright colors, gears and knobs provide an interesting surface that transforms the walker into a mobile play area.

Hape - Wonder Baby Walker Push and Pull Toy - Baby Push Walker review 2

Hape - Wonder Baby Walker Push and Pull Toy (src Amazon)

The wheels are lined with rubber for easy and sure movement. The walker is easy to assemble in 15 short minutes. Then your baby is all set to delve into exploration and fun. The walker is prepared using long lasting paint that is safe for children. It is also constructed eco-friendly wood components. The walker guides kids thorough multiple developmental stages. It enhances their natural abilities.

With each step your child takes with the walker their confidence grows. It was developed with the push and bull motion in mind as it is a natural instinct for a baby. This is perfect for your child in their daily play.

Hape in committed to offering walkers and toys for children of all ages. Their products develop your child’s skills. They are guided by the concept that child are the future and aim to do all they can to foster their development. They have to bring items to the marketplace that can foster learning, exploration while also being entertaining. This product is at the top of the list and with good reason. It won’t disappoint and is a great buy.

The Feature We Like

  • Created using solid wood
  • Multiple gears and knobs to turn
  • Vibrant colors
  • Develops coordination and other motor skills
  • Floor safe rubber wheels that glide while allowing speed control
  • Child safe materials

Thing We Didn't Like

  • Lightweight
  • Can flip over during pulling

It would be a huge shortcoming if not mentioned this walker is one of the best pull toys for toddlers. It is a great item that uses phrases to instruct your child in walking. Fisher Price is a helper you definitely want for your child. Turn it every which way but loose. Your baby can flip the book’s pages, touch the illuminated buttons while singing songs and learning numbers and letters.

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker - Baby Push Walker review

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker - Baby Push Walker (src Amazon)

The item offers an easy to grip handle and guides your child in their walking development with a stable base of four sturdy wheels. Keep moving. Using playful words and music that encourages your child to learn to walk and supporting them as they gain sureness of footing. You can rest easy.

There is no better ally for your child when they are learning to take their first steps. Kids will recline in comfort and enjoy flipping switches, pushing buttons and components that spin. There are even pals included that will make the experience so much fun.

The zebra walker supports your child once they are ready to take their first steps. If provides stability with each step while rewarding them with music and entertaining phrases. This is sure to become your child’s best friend. Your baby can support themselves properly using the zebra’s base, making for a wobble free stroll.

This item helps your child with their center of gravity while walking as well as improves hand eye coordination and mobility. It builds their listening and vision skills. This supports them in all aspects of their development.

The Feature We Like

  • The walker offers 2 modes: stand and sit
  • Easy grip while your child standing & walks
  • Baby can learn colors, the alphabet, numbers, and more
  • It also help to build motor skills development
  • It is also appropriate for those nine months and over

Thing We Didn't Like

  • Less steady children can slide or fall
  • Wheels don’t have resistance

The Joovy Spoon walker is one of the best push walkers for babies available. It takes two baby must haves: a high chair and walker and cobbles them into a single item. The walker is offers a smaller footprint. It helps children take their first steps, grab a snack and play, all at the same time. It has an aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. It is easy to stow any any room in your home. It comes with a large removable tray that is perfect for baby to grab a quick bite in between steps.

Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal,One Size - best baby push walker review

Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal,One Size (src amazon)

This product is functional and exciting. Your baby will enjoy having access to fun toys. The finish is smooth and bright. It is also easy to clean, offering a product with longevity as spills and stains are quickly wiped away. This earns it points for design.

The walker gives your child the stability they need with each step they take. Safety is at the heart of the design as your child takes steps with growing confidence. Your mind remains free of worry that components will pinch fingers. The padded seat keeps baby comfy and safe. It is composed of high quality components and is built to stand up to a toddler’s daily machinations.

Chose from among the 3 height levels. These are suitable for children up to 30 pounds and those able to sit securely on their own. The steel construction, slip resistant pads and large wheels are welcome safety measures parents can appreciate. However, it is always prudent to keep an obstruction near stairs to keep children out of harm’s way.

The Feature We Like

  • Large Tray provides the perfect play surfaces
  • Padded seat provides comfort
  • Anti-slip
  • Removable seat
  • Easy cleanup
  • Safety measures

Thing We Didn't Like

  • No built-in toys
  • A little expensive

This Disney walker combines music and lights. The wheels are designed to glide smoothly on carpeted surfaces, tile and hard wood floors. The wheels also remain steady on textured surfaces. All of the lovable Disney characters are on full display for a walk with your baby.

Disney Music and Lights Walker - best baby push walker 5

Disney Music and Lights Walker (src Amazon)

The seated is both padded and machine washable, both traits parents will appreciate. This makes cleanup a breeze.

Kids will love to take a stroll in this walker, showing why it’s a top pick. The Disney theme will delight all ages of children as they play with their favorite characters. The product can be raised to three different levels of height, growing with your child and avoiding your having to purchase another as they age.

The steps for assembly are super easy saving time and frustration. This walker includes toys, another benefit. They include a singing castle. This product does require the use of double A batteries. However, that is a minor inconvenience for all of the joy it provides your little one.

Many users love being able to remove the snack tray without removal of the toys. Simply engage the tabs and out pops the tray. The walker takes a bit of a nudge to adjust the height levels. However, this is part of the safety measures included. This bit of extra effort means that a simple nudge from baby won’t send it falling down with your child inside. Baby remains safe and secure during playtime, leaving parents free to relax.​

The Feature We Like

  • Product offers ease of assembly
  • Offers a big tray for snacks
  • Easy to store
  • Travel friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine washable seat
  • Cushioned seat
  • Removable tray

Thing We Didn't Like

  • Its paper decoration might peel off easily
  • Some may find that smaller children find it a bit high


When searching for the perfect walker, it can take some effort and research through many baby walker reviews. There are many choices for parents when it comes to the best baby push walker. Hopefully, you have obtained some useful information discussed above. It can be a bit difficult to wade through all of the offerings to find the right one for you. However, with patience and know how you can nab the best one for your baby.

Choosing the right one can boil down to what it is you desire in a walker. You have to make a list of the features you find necessary. Then you can go from there. Is an activity center mandatory? Or do you need a walker with a large expanse for play? You will find what you need.

Of the top walkers, there is something for everyone. Overall, the Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker is a great all around choice. It supports skill development as baby learns to walk. It comes with musical keys, illuminated buttons, vibrant rollers and even a phone set. Baby can wile away the ours spinning the various gears on this model.

A push walker can provide both function and fun simultaneously. Pick up a walker for your baby today.


I’m Elizabeth J. Johnson, a 30-year-old from sunny California. I have married to a wonderful man & have 2 little girls. They are the cutest lover, the sweetest hugger & the best inspiration.

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