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Welcome to motherhood — get ready for the ride of your life! Learn how to care for your baby, and let our experts resolve any problems with breastfeeding, diapering, and sleep. Track your baby’s development with our growth chart and milestone tracker. Stay informed about the best baby gear and latest product recalls.

Choose The Best Overnight Diapers for Boys

Accidents happen. When they result in a bundle of joy, that’s a good thing. But when the outcome is a dirty bed, not so much. Baby moves around a lot during the night, especially if it’s a boy. That’s exactly why you need the best overnight diapers for boys. You never want to see your baby sleeping the entire night in dirt.

There are so many brands of diapers in the market. So, how do you find the best overnight diapers for boys? The two key qualities are: durability and price. This means the diaper should be able to absorb a lot and be easily disposable. In this way, your baby boy will be perfectly dry and comfortable, no matter what happens.

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Some Simple yet Useful Tips to Protect Your Toddler from Coughing At Night

Children are the most susceptible to viral diseases. So, it is not something new to parents to see their toddler coughing at night. It is supposed to be a nightmare of every parent which no one wants to face it. It is not just the fact that there is a need to wake up to attend to their needs. Rather, parents seeing their child in such condition would feel pity. Pity in a sense, that, the child is still so small to endure the itchiness in their throats let alone cough out. It also makes parents apprehensive because this can worsen and might lead to more serious illnesses.

​In cases such as this, it is best to handle the situation earlier before it aggravates. But before you ran to your pediatrician on such an unholy hour, find ways to soothe the child first. Here is information that you need to master and ready yourself in cases like this.

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When to Stop Swaddling Your Baby? Things Mothers Need To Know

Swaddling is the most common method mothers initiate to her newborn child to help the baby sleep soundly and protect him from feeling cold. The warmth, softness and cushiness of the cloth replicate an embrace. This likewise makes babies safe and secure. The fact that infants have been used to the warm environment inside the womb is one reason for this particular activity.

Snuggled in the warmth of a cloak imitates the sensation of being held close in a mother’s arms. A condition that will pacify a baby’ fear of being separated.

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Babies Communicate By Fussing and Crying: Learn Ways to Soothe your Baby

The first cry your baby makes is a proclamation of his presence. Hearing this will surely bring excitement and thrill on your part as a mother. And even though you were still exhausted in the process of bringing him into this world; you cannot help but feel the need to have your baby in your arms. No doubt you have read a dozen books and made researches to prepare yourself for the tasks. However, no amount of preparation can ascertain readiness for this kind of undertaking which is true enough for first time mothers. One particular aspect is to soothe your baby when he starts to fuss.

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Use Hemp Milk to Free Your Baby From Allergic Reactions To Animal Milk!

For those of you who are looking for a perfect alternative to cow’s milk, due to allergic reactions your baby is experiencing, hemp milk is the best solution. Hemp Milk For Babies is very nourishing and extremely tasty. While this milk contains wholesome ingredients, it is basically free from the bad stuff other milk has. This has made it the best choice for many individuals.

Hemp milk can be purchased in various flavors. While the unflavored one is already tasteful, it can stand alone until your baby reaches a year old. At that time, he might opt for other flavors.

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How To Freeze Baby Food? A Step By Step Guide

Freezing food is a good technique to preserve food for future needs, and freezing baby food is like a blessing for working parents or parents who are busy in general.

There are many ways to freeze baby food but before we get into specific methods, let’s discuss some basics. In order to freeze your food, you always need to cool down the food you just cooked. This is good to avoid any bacterial growth in the food. Make sure that you are not leaving the food on your counter to cool down for more than a couple of hours.

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How to Choose The Best Natural Baby Wipes – Expert Buying Guide2017

Many bargain brand wipes can cause harm to little ones. They can be irritating to the skin and cause rashes. Buying them can actually cause issues.

A lot of these products are pumped with unhealthy chemicals that are too harsh for a baby’s skin. For an adult, these wipes can cause irritation and dryness. A baby’s skin is even more delicate so the reaction would be worse.

Still, there is no need to buy cloth diapers and wipes. There are disposable alternatives safer for a baby’s skin. This article will discuss some options that are safe for baby. In fact, there are five brands that are mentioned. These brands can be easily ordered on Amazon. They are natural and provide many benefits for baby.

**Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Baby Preparation: How Many Diapers A Day Does Your Baby Need?

There are a few absolute must-have items for babies. This includes breastfeeding, sleeping and diapers. For the first few years of life, you will find this is a daily life skill. It may be a thankless job. However, it is something parents must do to have a healthy and happy baby. The question remains: just how many diapers do you need to have on hand for your infant? How many diapers a day does your baby need? In this article, I will address that very question.

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