Greatest Places To Have A Sensational Baby Showers

Have an expectant mother in mind and need some ideas on a throwing a spectacular baby shower? I’ll share my top ideas for super baby shower locations.


Take note now if you've completely run out of ideas for cheap places to have a baby shower!
Are you planning on throwing a superb baby shower for a sister, close friend or co-worker? It is easy to get in over your head, swamped with ideas on the right venue, shower details, and expenses. I know that’s a reason you’ve landed here. The internet offers the answer to many pressing dilemmas, but what you are still wondering is if you can host the best baby shower without taking on a mountain of debt in the process? What places would make for a social media post worthy shower setting? I will cover the absolute best places for baby shower in style without sacrificing your life savings. Keep reading for the scoop!

#1: At a Community Recreation Center, You bet!

A community recreation center is accessible, yet often overlooked venue for a baby shower. Though not an obvious choice, it offers many positives as a potential baby shower location. It fits most any budget while also having the capacity to accommodate a large number of shower participants. Securing the space for the joyous occasion is simple as you need only pick up the phone to inquire about price and available dates. Many centers contain meeting rooms spacious enough to hold a shower for a large or small group. Centers with an outdoor space are a bonus as they allow for dining alfresco. Sounds great, right?

#2 At a Church

Local churches have rooms designated for meeting and socializing. Larger churches have gymnasiums, perfect for holding a large group of guests. If you already belong to a local church, you can ask to host the shower there. This is one of the cheap places to have a baby shower as the church will likely ask for a small donation or modest fee. This creates more room in the budget, allowing you to distribute the remaining budget on food, cake, and decorations for the guests.

#3 At Your Fave Eatery

When thinking of places to host a baby shower, consider your favorite restaurant. Chances are your favorite hangout offers great food and a comfortable atmosphere. Your guests likely already know the location, another bonus. Tap the owners to ask about hosting a shower and the costs. They likely would be happy to accommodate your function making it a one-stop option for a shower.

#4 There’s No Place Like Home!

Sometimes, there's no need to think too much while your house can become one of the best places to host a baby shower! Hosting the shower at the expectant mom’s home or yours can be a great choice. It saves money since there’s no rental cost. It also offers a comfortable and familiar space for the mom-to-be, something she’s likely to appreciate at this special yet hectic time. It also makes decorating a breeze as shower supplies can be stored safely away in a storage closet until the big day. Cooking meals and appetizers is a space you’re already acquainted with can make the day even more special.

#5 Time for Tea

Tea houses are perfect for a daytime baby shower. Serve finger sandwiches, a range of favorite teas, light cocktails and salads, so meals are not too heavy. The setting lends itself to quiet conversation spent catching up with friends and loved ones.

#6 Suite Life

If your budget allows splurge and books a suite in an upscale hotel, go for it! This sets the tone for the baby shower and is one of the best places ever. Set up a buffet, so guests serve themselves while you relax with the mom-to-be.

#7 Up on a Rooftop

Choosing a rooftop bar as a backdrop for a baby shower is chic and contemporary. Consider the style of the expectant mother. If she’s a trend setter, she’s sure to love this locale. Take in the scenic views and fresh air while enjoying drinks and a meal with guests.

#8 Make It a Spa Day

A day spa is among the best places for a baby shower. Pamper a harried expectant mom by booking the baby here. She can sit back and partake of the many services offered while nibbling on cake and sandwiches or one of her favorite lunches. In fact, you can get all of the shower guests in on the action. Many spas offer packages and with multiple guests attending you may be able to snag a killer deal. This also works for a range of budgets. So schedule mani/pedis for a simple shower or a full package complete with massages and facials for a more luxurious one.

#9 Movie Theater

Movie buffs would love to have a baby shower in a private movie theater. The relaxed setting allows the mom-to-be to let her hair down while watching her favorite flicks. Take in the full cinematic experience with the theater’s surround sound, large screen while splurging on snacks, candy, and all her favorite drinks. Offer a selection of movies and food choices so everyone can enjoy the day.

#10 Baby, Let’s Cruise!

It is a one-of-a-kind thing when you think about places to host a baby shower which make the parents-to-be feel special. Nautical enthusiasts and those wanting a more upscale locale for a baby shower would be wise to choose a boat or a cruise ship. Book the vessel, hire a DJ, invite the guests, relax and have a fun filled day with the future mom. Schedule the shower on an evening so you can enjoy the local night light filled skyline while cruising on the water.

#11 Dinner and a Show

A baby shower complete with dinner and a show is the perfect milestone for an expectant theater aficionado. Think of the mom-to-be’s face when she sees the venue and the decorations. If she loves live theater wouldn’t it be a grand gesture to plan such an evening? After the theatrical production is over, play baby shower games and open gifts for the new baby to come. It would be the perfect night! Keep in mind that a locale such as this is on the higher end of the and would consume a larger chunk of the budget. So plan accordingly.

#12 Preparation/Tips

Now that I’ve covered the many splendid places for baby shower, I owe you a few tips on preparation so that the even goes offer without a hitch.


Pick a theme for the shower. Think of what the shower honoree loves and dislikes. Draw clues from her hobbies and aspirations. What is her favorite color? Now decide on a location to host the shower. Make a list, jotting down potential ideas for shower party favors, napkins, plates, and other shower accessories. Search online for simple yet awesome centerpieces that serve double duty as gifts and decoration.

Date/Guest List

After deciding on a theme and place for the shower, pick a date. Make a guest list. Be sure to invite family and friends of the guest of honor. Coordinate with those close to her for the best date. Make sure it is in advance of the mother’s delivery date to be considerate of her time. The time directly preceding an impending birth is hectic as the clock counts down for the stork’s special delivery. She will appreciate the thought put into planning the special day. Besides, by planning early, you ensure you will have the perfect spot reserved for the baby shower.


Establishing a budget is probably one of the most important aspects of a planning a great baby shower. By creating a budget you know how much you have to spend on the event. Envision the best event for the pregnant mother. What kinds of parties would she love? What kind of food does she enjoy? Think carefully about whether she would prefer a formal meal or a more casual dining experience. Also be sure to think about the theme, location, and the number of guests. Plan to provide enough food for guests. Decide if you will budget for a confectionary cake. By having real numbers to work with you can take advantage of deals when booking the event, venue and shower vendors (caterers, photographers). If you are handy with a glue gun or at cooking, you may choose to DIY some of the shower aspects.

If you’re a regular culinary artist prepare a special dish that your guest of honor would love! Create decorations for the venue using your special set of skills for the perfect personalized touch and in creating an unforgettable event.


I’m Elizabeth J. Johnson, a 30-year-old from sunny California. I have married to a wonderful man & have 2 little girls. They are the cutest lover, the sweetest hugger & the best inspiration.

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