Best Baby Jumper Reviews 2017 – Top 6 Picks

Don’t you just love when your bundle of joy bounces up and down in its very own baby bouncer? As soon as they’re born, they want to wiggle, move and bounce all over the place and a proper baby bouncer gives them just that.

But how is a parent supposed to pick the best one? Here’s a list of tips on how to recognize the best baby jumper and pick just the right one.

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Why Do I Need A Baby Jumper?

When babies first start moving around, they mostly use their leg muscles. Being a sturdy yet simple design of a seat on an elastic strip, baby jumpers allow the little one to exercise his or her legs without fear of falling down. When the baby is strapped in, he or she can use the toes to push itself up and down at will. Babies love this sensation of movement and the idea of being in control of their own bodies.

Experienced parents know that babies have a lot of energy that needs to be properly channeled or the entire household is going to feel the crankiness. A tired baby can be somewhat a happy baby.

Baby jumpers go by a lot of different brand names, such as “Johnny jump up”, “Jumperoo” and “Exersaucer”. In all cases, the core idea is the same –allow the baby to safely exercise and have fun.

Is There A Minimum Age For A Baby Jumper?

Unless the product itself states otherwise, there is no minimum age for a baby to use a jumper. However, the rule of thumb is that your baby should be old enough to sit upright to minimize the risk of injury.

Will A Baby Jumper Hurt Baby’s Legs?

There have been no definitive studies that would confirm baby jumpers hurt the leg development. Still, it’s probably better to limit the use of a baby jumper to 30 minutes a day.

On the other hand, some moms report their babies felt much more confident as they were about to walk on their own for the first time. As always, use your best judgment and see how the baby reacts to a baby jumper and then adjust the time as needed.

Swings? Bouncers? Jumpers?
What Is The Difference?

In a few words:

  • Baby Jumpers – Baby pushes itself up and down using its feet
  • Baby Bouncers – Follow and intensify the baby’s movements as it wiggles
  • Baby Swings – Constantly move back and forth without the baby needing to move

What Are The Baby Jumper Subtypes?

Yes, there are several kinds of baby jumpers out there. Don’t be overwhelmed, we’ll explain the difference shortly.

stationary activity jumper for baby

Stationary Jumper

This is the simplest kind of jumper: seat, cord, frame. Baby can’t do any other activity than bounce.

Stationary Activity Jumper

Slightly more advanced baby jumper: seat, cord, frame, activity tray with toys. Once the baby gets bored of bouncing, it can switch to playing with toys and then back to bouncing.

Doorway Jumper

These jumpers vary in style from stationary jumpers and consist of: seat, cord, clamp. Clamp is attached to the doorframe and provides an anchor point for the baby’s movement. The cord is as strong as a bungee cord and is extremely durable. This type of jumper can only be used in a doorway.

Baby Jumper Considerations

Ready to buy a perfect baby jumper? Not so fast, you’ll need to take this into account.

  • Weight limit

All baby jumpers come with a recommended weight limit. While these limits always have a certain safety tolerance, you’re advised to play it safe and not try your luck. Otherwise, the baby jumper can bend or break, hurting your baby.

  • Seats

Seats come with a wealth of features, all of which directly affect the price. A baby jumper can have:

  • Detachable and waterproof seat
  • Adjustable seat
  • Padded seat
  • Suspender

No matter which baby jumper you choose, avoid the ones with a single strap. These are inherently unstable and might cause your baby to unpredictably swing left or right. Two cords are a minimum, not just for the safety of your baby, but for the peace of your mind.

  • Adjustability

Think ahead and try to get a baby jumper that will serve you for a while. Adjustable baby jumpers are a solid investment, as they can match baby’s growth.

  • Storage

Don’t expect to be using a baby jumper 24/7. Try to pick a baby jumper that can be easily assembled, taken apart and stored when not in use to minimize headache.

  • Toys

Activity jumpers vary greatly in what the toys or activities are. Some of them have in-built electronic displays with buttons that produce sound and light when pressed. Others have small toys, which the baby can throw or swallow.

The preference here comes down to your baby. Observe it closely and see what it enjoys doing the most. Does your baby love the softness of certain toys? Does it enjoy throwing toys, rattling or smashing them? It’s your duty to find the activity jumper that matches your baby’s interests and preferences.

General Jumper Safety

While at first baby jumpers might appear ludicrous, parents who’ve used them will swear that they’re perfectly safe. Still, it’s for the better if you pay attention to the following points when deploying a baby jumper:

  • Clean the floor of all sharp and pointy objects that the baby can hurt itself on.
  • Install a baby jumper in a safe area (not on top of the stairs).
  • Care to remove all tiny pieces that the baby might choke on.
  • If the baby is no longer within the recommended weight limit, stop using the jumper.
  • Be present with your baby when it’s using the jumper.
  • Deploy the jumper so the baby has a flat surface beneath its feet.
  • Don’t move the jumper when your baby is attached to it.

All of these are pretty obvious, but it’s still easy to underestimate the danger that comes with installing and using a baby jumper. When in doubt, play it safe and you’ll both love your new baby jumper.

The Best Stationary Baby Jumpers

Here is a short summary of what the top baby jumpers on the market are and how they compare to one another. First of all, Baby Einstein Activity Jumper is not included in this list for the following reasons

  • High price
  • Difficult to put together
  • Laborious disassembling process
  • Fairly stiff springs that inhibit bouncing
  • Cumbersome and unwieldy

Some might love their Baby Einstein Activity Jumper, and that’s perfectly fine. Here are the alternatives.

Best Baby Activity Jumper Reviews 1

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo - Baby Activity Jumper (Amazon)

There are two types of this same jumper and we love both the same. This is the jumper I personally used for my two kids and I can tell you, it’s been through some heavy-duty use and still works. If you just want the best baby jumper and be done with it, this is the one.

The outer frame is made of steel that gives the entire thing a certain sturdiness while keeping the weight down. Toys abound in this baby jumper, and the baby is guaranteed to always have something to do while in it.

This jumper can be set to one of three positions, allowing your baby to grow with it. Springs are sturdy and give a solid amount of bounce.

Disadvantages: This baby jumper isn’t really for tiny babies, as they might struggle to touch the ground.

The Features We Like

  • Can produce feedback depending on baby’s actions
  • Seat rotates on its axis
  • Height can be adjusted
  • Easy to store when not in use
Best Activity Jumper with Bounce Pad Reviews 2

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest - Activity Jumper with Bounce Pad (Src Amazon)

Coming in one of four different themes (jungle, bee, beach and zoo), this quirky jumper has a nice feature: floor pad for your baby to bounce on. This means that you can install your bouncer even if you have cold, hard surfaces, such as concrete or floor tiles in your house. This cuts down the amount of time needed to prepare the floor and you can just use any flat surface.

Bright, lively colors make this baby jumper any baby’s favorite, and it comes with sounds! If your baby loves any of the toys that come with this jumper, they can be removed and used independently, such as during travel or in a stroller. Colors are unisex.

Disadvantages: Babies that like to turn around might have trouble to move in this baby jumper.

The Features We Like

  • Includes a floor pad
  • Varying height settings
  • Detachable and waterproof seat
Best Stationary Baby Jumper reviews 4

Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers - Stationary Baby Jumper (src amazon)

If you want a base version of the stationary jumper, this is it. That can actually be an asset, especially when the baby is easily overstimulated. The anti-slip attachments are a nice touch and ensure you never have to worry about the whole thing falling over or sliding away.

There are no toys in this bounce, so a baby needs to really enjoy moving for this jumper to work. Again, that’s a plus if you have a baby with excess physical energy that needs to be tired out before she or he will go to sleep.

Disadvantages: Placing the baby in the seat and removing it might be a bit tricky due to how the seat works.

The Features We Like

  • Supports the baby’s back
  • Robust frame.Anti-slip attachments on the feet
  • No assembly required.

Best Doorway Baby Jumpers

If you’re looking for a bargain, then you should opt for a door baby jumper. Compared to any other type of baby jumper, you’ll basically get a doorway jumper for free.

Of course, there are some downsides, mostly related to safety. These are outlined below.

Most popular doorway baby jumper reviews 5

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle - Most popular doorway baby jumper (src amazon)

Graco door jumper is pretty much the ultimate doorway baby jumper in the market. Parents regularly mark it as one of their favorite baby jumpers and it’s easy to see why.

Graco Bumper Jumper comes with a wealth of additional features that other doorway jumper producers don’t even think of. Some of these are:

  • Gentle door clamp: Will not damage the doorframe while keeping the baby safe.
  • Bonus activity tray: The baby can have all its favorite toys right there, within its reach.
  • Additional failsafe cord: If all else fails, there is a hidden cord that will keep the baby safe.
  • More activities: Extra soft toys clip directly to the jumper.
  • Customization: You can adjust this jumper to any baby’s preferences and desires.

The straps are made to never twist together. This makes placing the baby in and out of this jumper extremely easy, all thanks to a dome that keeps the straps apart at all times. This is the best jumper to gift to expecting parents.

Siblings will love it and so will grandparents. Length of the cord can be shortened and it’s impossible for babies to hurt their fingers playing with it. Definitely a must-have doorway jumper.

The Features We Like

  • Detachable and waterproof seat
  • Easy deployment of baby
  • Several height settings
  • Made in USA
Best themed doorway baby jumper reviews 6

Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Doorway Jumper, Red/Yellow - Best themed doorway baby jumper (src amazon)

All babies love cars and when your baby sees this jumper, they’ll squeal with delight. All kids enjoy driving, as it reminds them of being completely free to go where they want, just like mommy and daddy. The Cozy Coupe baby jumper comes with a steering wheel and realistic sounds for the ultimate pretend driving.

Dashboard and the steering wheel can be taken apart and washed easily, which makes cleaning this baby jumper super easy. Never again will you have to worry about diaper leaks in a baby jumper. Perfect as a shower gift that a mother-to-be will cherish.

The Features We Like

  • Playful design
  • Buttons give out car sounds
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Customizable cords
Cheap Baby Door Jumper reviews

Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper, Marianna - Cheap Baby Door Jumper (src amazon)

This baby jumper is pretty much the rock bottom when it comes to price. Despite what that might imply, the Evenflo jumper is still a pretty solid jumper and can compete evenly with more established brands.

There are seven different colors and a bunch of themes for this baby jumper, so you should have no trouble finding one that’s perfect for your baby.

The high frame of the seat offers unparalleled safety and security, while still behind extremely easy to clean and manage. If you’ve got a baby that’s under a year old that loves to jump and play with siblings while staying secure, then this is the perfect baby jumper for everyone involved. Watching the baby experiment with different movements in this jumper is a joy in and of itself.

The Features We Like

  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Ease of installation
  • Seat with sturdy framing and soft padding
  • Cords of variable lengths

Door Jumper Safety Precautions

We mentioned previously that some of these models bring with them unexpected hazards. While you can avoid all of them by being cautious, it’s still worthwhile to talk about them at length.

Precaution one: Bumping into the jamb

The jamb is the last thing a baby wants to hug, despite some of them trying just that. It’s tough, unyielding and has sharp edges. While the baby touching the jamb is alright, you don’t it to bump into it with any kind of speed, because that’s when the problems begin. But, one thing the baby jumper does is give speed to the baby’s movements.

Giving the baby a chance to try out its legs before it has the chance to walk is a wonderful thing. But, this pre-walking phase means the baby is absolutely uncoordinated. It’s highly unlikely, though possible, that your baby will propel itself in some awkward direction and slam into the door jamb. Of course, some producers have thought of this and included a safety ring around the door jumper that acts as a bumper, but the baby can still harm its hands or feet, if they extend beyond the ring.

Precaution two: Insecure door clamp

It’s possible the clamp that anchors the door jumper slips off or breaks, causing your baby to learn about the gravity the hard way. Some reasons for this mishap are:

  • Vigorous movement of the baby back and forth
  • Faulty clamp that fails completely
  • Improper clamp installation
  • Unsuitable clamp for the doorway type

Some doorway jumpers have been recalled due to their clamps not meeting security standards. Unfortunately, this tends to happen after they fail during actual use. You don’t want to be a parent that’s in the headlines because of that.

Precaution three: Improper doorway use

A baby doorway jumper takes up the entire door, which means you can’t traipse back and forth while the baby is merrily bouncing up and down.

This also applies to large house pets, such as dogs. Powerful breeds (Danes, German Shepherds) are particularly prone to accidentally pushing the baby aside as they pass through the doorway, slamming the baby into the jamb or collapsing the entire structure.


No matter what your experiences with baby jumpers are, share them with everyone else around you.


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